Our Vision

With three independent nursery schools under one roof – Jewish, Christian and Muslim – we will create a caring and nourishing space for children and their families, enabling them to experience the religious and cultural diversity of Berlin as an enrichment of their daily lives.

Our Vision

Three independent nursery schools – Christian, Jewish and Muslim – under one roof, each with its own space and sharing a common space that will enable us to meet face to face and shape our daily lives in neighborly friendship.

Our three institutions already run nursery schools in Berlin for children ages 1 to 6, accredited by the City of Berlin and working  within the general framework of the “Berlin Early Childhood Curriculum”.

Each nursery school will continue to schedule the school year in accordance with its own religious calendar, extending hospitality to the other two schools for holiday celebrations whenever possible.

We appreciate and respect the diversity of family models and attach great importance to educating our children with a sensitivity to gender.

Our Goals

  • To create a safe space where Jewish, Christian and Muslim families can meet and share their many different cultures and countries of origin, beginning with early childhood education.
  • To experience religious and cultural diversity as enriching.
  • To strengthen children and their families in developing their religious and cultural identities.
  • To teach religious values in the context of interreligious dialogue.
  • To take part in shaping the future of our cosmopolitan city
  • To enable children to grow up in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect

The Building

To realize our vision and achieve our goals, we are looking for a house with four floors and a garden that will provide the following:

  • Each nursery school with its ownspace, accommodating 45
  • A shared space on the entrance level hosting a café, library, class rooms and much more, providing the framework for family education and inter-religiousandintercultural exchange and for the everyday encounters that will give birth to joint projects and events.
  • The garden that can serve as a natural meeting place while allowing free play.
  • The joint kitchen that will follow religious dietary laws, serve healthy food and be a resource for educating towards healthy eating habits.