About us

With three independent nursery schools under one roof – Jewish, Christian and Muslim – we will create a caring and nourishing space for children and their families, enabling them to experience the religious and cultural diversity of Berlin as an enrichment of their daily lives.

Who are We?

The three partners in this project are:

Masorti Germany – Masorti e.V. – Verein zur Foerderung der juedischen Bildung und des juedischen Lebens – whose nursery schools are bilingual, with German and Hebrew or English. Masorti serves currently as our liaison to friends and supporters in the United States.
Contact person:
Rabbi Gesa S. Ederberg, Rabbinic Advisor – ederberg@masorti.de


Evangelische Kirchenkreisverband für Kindertageseinrichtungen Berlin Mitte-Nord – The Protestant Association of Nursery Schools in Central and Northern Berlin that runs 26 child care centers in Berlin.
Contact person:
Kathrin Janert, President – k.janert@evkvbmn.de



Deutsches Muslimisches Zentrum

Contact person:
Iman Andrea Reimann, President – ImanA.Reimann@dmkberlin.de