With three independent nursery schools under one roof – Jewish, Christian and Muslim – we will create a caring and nourishing space for children and their families, enabling them to experience the religious and cultural diversity of Berlin as an enrichment of their daily lives.

Gardens for three

A non-profit organization „Friends of Gardens for Three“ („Verein der Freunde und Förderer des Drei-Religionen-Kita-Hauses Berlin“) was founded in Berlin on May 18th 2015.

Co-chairs are: Nevin Mazyek, Lala Süsskind und Ulrike Trautwein.

Foto: Gründung des Fördervereins

From left to right: Iman Reimann, Rabbinerin Gesa Ederberg, Kathrin Janert (seated), Lala Süsskind, Nevin Demir-Mazyek, Generalsuperintendentin Ulrike Trautwein, Cornelia Rieger (seated), Silke Radosh-Hinder.

The association (Förderverein) is registered under VR 34422 B at the “Vereinsregister des Amtsgerichts Charlottenburg” and can receive tax-deductible donations.

We welcome new members! Please find the application form here.

We appreciate your support!