With three independent nursery schools under one roof – Jewish, Christian and Muslim – we will create a caring and nourishing space for children and their families, enabling them to experience the religious and cultural diversity of Berlin as an enrichment of their daily lives.

Gardens for three

A non-profit organization „Friends of Gardens for Three“ (Förderverein Drei-Religionen-Kita-Haus e.V.) was founded in Berlin on May 18th 2015.

Co-chairs are: Nevin Mazyek, Lala Süsskind und Ulrike Trautwein.

The last board meeting took place in February 2019 in order to plan the next steps for the realization of this project. The next board meeting is scheduled for May 2019.

Foto: Gründung des Fördervereins

From left to right: Iman Reimann, Rabbinerin Gesa Ederberg, Kathrin Janert (seated), Lala Süsskind, Nevin Demir-Mazyek, Generalsuperintendentin Ulrike Trautwein, Cornelia Rieger (seated), Silke Radosh-Hinder.

The association (Förderverein) is registered under VR 34422 B at the “Vereinsregister des Amtsgerichts Charlottenburg” and can receive tax-deductible donations.

We welcome new members! Please find the application form here.

We appreciate your support!